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The 4 Year Anniversary Event has ended on the server as you probably know. However, the celebration isn't over yet! With the anniversary come some changes, specifically to the Donation Shop.

First of all, there will be a 4 Year Anniversary/Spring Sale! Select items will be 20% off, and it will remain that way until the 15th of May.

Secondly, if you head over to the Donations tab, the prices of ranks and upgrades have all been lowered. The reason for this is because 200$ is just too high for a virtual item. If you have bought a rank prior to April 27th, 2018, you'll get a discount on an upgrade to the rank above it.
Ranks' stats and TP were also significantly boosted, so if you want to get your ranks' new stats, ask an Admin in-game.

Along with these changes, there's also two new ranks that have been added:
Ultra Instinct and Super Saiyan Blue Evolution!
Both of these are on par with the ranks God of Destruction and SSJB Kaioken, so if you have one of those and want to swap to one of the new prefixes, ask an Admin in-game to do so.

The next event will be centered around the Battle of Gods movie, and will take place sometime in the future (no set date given).


[????] Pandah a posted Apr 28, 18

he's coming

DeftestAphid20 whens the next update????!!!!!
HackerZDie NEET

Four Years

[Owner] Kishukae a posted Apr 12, 18

As some of you may be aware, Monday marked the 4 year anniversary of the server's opening.

On April 5th, 2014, I published SC on Planet Minecraft. A few days later on April 9th I removed the whitelist and made the server public for the first time.

Saiyan Craft has been through update after update, world reset after world reset, cataclysm after cataclysm.

And now we're in a rut.

I believe this is due in part to my own inactivity, some staff not being as active as they should, a stagnant playerbase, and an overall lack of new activities/events.

In the coming days, the following things will be happening:

4th Anniversary Event:

- In order to commemorate the anniversary, an event will be hosted by the staff.

- Any who participate are sure to be rewarded; items/tp will be given at the event.

- Separate post will be created with more details.

Armourer's Workshop Mod installation:

- Will introduce custom weapon & armour skins.

- Allows us to further diversify in story lines and expand on player ideas.

Referral System:

- Free rewards system.

- If you refer a friend to the server & they join, both you and the friend will be rewarded (tp, senzus.)

- Can invite as many friends as you want.

Community Clean-up:

- Over the years, the level of toxicity in this community has risen.

- Rules will be re-examined and reinforced. Violators will be met with harsher punishment than before.

- This is being done to ensure that the server is a place where you can have fun without being under constant harrassment.

Shop update:

- Prices will be lowered, stats tuned

Thank you all for being a part of Saiyan Craft, whether you're new or have been here a while. 

We would not have made it this far without the people who play every day.

In an effort to improve the server, I'm open to any and all suggestions. Feel free to use the server suggestions thread or send me a message here. You can also message me on Discord.

- Kish

Raw_Potatoz I was here back when it first started and for 3 years after that and if hound wasn't fucking around with world edit...
Seirth to be honest the main reason why i left the server was due to the complete meme of a server it has become, essentially i...
Divin nice to see something being done, probably give more reasons for older players to come back

Winter Sale

[????] Pandah a posted Dec 15, 17

Select items are now 30% off for a limited time! You only have until the 1st of Janurary until the sale ends, so go and donate now!


[????] Pandah a posted Nov 8, 17

Wow, twice in one year.

Anyway, we've updated yet again, and with it come some changes.

First off, the Halloween sale ends on the 13th of November, 5 days from when this is posted.

Now, onto the changes from the Update:

- Saiyans were finally given the strongest form in the multiverse, the pinnacle of Saiyan evolution, the most anticipated form of the century: Super Saiyan 4! It's been put at just above SSJ3, with a 17x stat boost, and a fair drain to match.
- All God forms were boosted in power, and Namekians' God form was given auto-ki regen (like Saiyan's Super Saiyan God). 
- Golden Form was boosted to a 20x multiplier to keep up with the Saiyans' new form, and the drain for it was lowered to be equal to Super Saiyan 2's.
- Humans got the biggest overhaul, losing one of their trans entirely and gaining a 1.5x base. They can no longer access Human Potential (if they try to use it, it will kill them ingame), but Buff Form was put at SSJ2 level with SSJ3 drain. Their main forms are now Kaioken and Mystic. Their Kaioken is absurdly strong compared to other races, and their Mystic is on par with a Saiyan's SSJ4 damage output. In addition, the 1.5x base means their max stats for Strength, Dexterity and Willpower will be 75,000 instead of 50,000. Let the bandwaggon commense. 
- Nameks got the shaft aside from the Ki-Regen boost
- Saiyan's transformation Mind cost was increased by .5x
- Meditation was changed to be a passive regeneration instead of "active" (holding C to charge ki won't amount to anything). You regen ki when below 50%.
- And finally, a small Saga change was implimented: Beerus is now in the Saga, after Buu Saga and prior to Golden Frieza, who has also been tinkered with a tad.

The Modpack and Mods List have both been updated with the new Update:
Link to Modpack: Click Here
Link to Mod list page: Click Here

Converters are nearly done, so expect them in 3-5 business weeks.

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